Dry's Midges
Stone Flies Mayflies
Emergers Caddis Flies
Nymphs Hopper-Droppers*

*Pre-tied hopper-dropper combination. Don't waste time tying combos on the stream – fish with the pre-tied Hopper-Dropper with 12 different combo's with folocarbon used to connect the dropper.

Fly Boxes

Custom Rods & Rod Bags

Many sizes and colors
From 6'-6" to 9' – Standard 2wt to 6wt models
Rod bags to protect your rod - especially designed with images of trout


Black & Silver Aluminum Reels Zingers
Graphite Reels Fly Vests
Fly Line / Leaders / Backing Leader Straighteners & Fly Dryers
Knotless Compound Gink Agra Fly Duster Floatant
Forceps Rainbow & Brown Trout Fly Boxes
Nippers Fish Nets
Large Thumb Nippers Souvenir Fly Fishing Caps & T-Shirts